Verification Of Benefits

Eligibility verification is the critical first step in the medical billing process. Because insurance plans vary widely and insurance companies routinely modify their submission criteria, providers face the difficulty of navigating this complex web and recording the most accurate information with which to make admission decisions.

Aspire’s team of verification professionals is experienced in the verification process and strives to produce the most accurate verification’s with a quick turnaround. This empowers the provider to make informed admission decisions and enables them to maximize their collections for services provided.

• Increases cash flow
• Decreases collections cycle time
• Reduces collections related costs

Billing & Claims Processing Management

Our electronic claim submission system allows the claim to be received and placed in processing within as little as 24 hours from the time the claim is submitted, making reimbursement and collection times much faster and more sufficient.We know that claims can be processed incorrectly, or be delayed during the process. To remedy this, Aspire Medical Billing follows up on every unpaid claim on a weekly basis for all of our facilities. This allows for much more efficient claim processing as well as the ability to inform facilities of the status of any claim at anytime. Additionally, we take the time to undergo regular staff education so that Aspire Medical Billing is on the cutting edge of claim processing technology and advancements. We also stay up to date with the ever-changing insurance laws and regulations of the industry to ensure that our facilities know about any coding and diagnosis changes that occur.

• Electronic claim submission for fast payments
• Claims denial templates for fast turn around on appeals process
• UB04 & HCFA-1500 billing with appropriate coding
• Consistent follow-up on unpaid claims
• Single-case agreement and in-network contracting negotiations
• Payment posting and customized reporting
• Personalized customer service

Utilization Review

A Utilization Review department without substantial medical background has a difficult time demonstrating patient needs and gaining credibility with insurance companies. Aspire Medical Billing is able to thoroughly and accurately provide this information and plead the case, which results in a greater amount of authorized services and ultimately, more collections for the provider.  Outsourcing Utilization Review to Aspire Medical Billing eliminates your stress, provides the longest treatment stays possible, and lets you focus on your patients.

• Maximizes the number of days authorized
• Empowers the provider to maximize services billed
• Improves patient satisfaction and well-being
• Thorough understanding of admission and continued stay criteria
• Peer-to-peer reviews and appeals processing
• Established relationships with care managers
• HIPAA Compliant