Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycles are increasingly complex and challenging. Each step needs to be perfectly executed before moving on to the next. Even a small hiccup can bring your cash flow to a screeching halt. By leveraging best practices we’ve developed over our decade in business, Aspire Medical Billing ensures your billing lifecycle is set up for maximum revenue collection.


Communicates back to admissions office at treatment center. We have understanding of insurance policies and codes. We overcome all barriers to make sure that the patient can stay to the longest term possible to benefit from treatment. Everything is dependent on an accurate VOB

UR (case management)

We work in tandem with your clinical team to build you case properly for best outcome with patient.

Looks at charts and calls for information quickly so you can determine whether the patient is a good fit.

Claim Submission

Clean claims processed faster, streamlines your revenue.

That comes from experience, knowing all the variations of codes, years of experience with multiple payers in various states.

Claim Resolution

Experience and expertise with collections. Challenging insurance companies not accepting denials. Understanding the scope of how to bill, we understand how to navigate and overcome obstacles from the payers when claims are wrongly denied. Increasing your revenue. Constant pressure, attention to detail and knowledge to get you the most back from your claims.

This process is transparent to our clients – we share this informaiton with you in a transparent way to give you confidence that the job is being done effectively and to answer any questions quickly and promptly.

Denials and Appeals

As part of the bundled rate we charge we provide denials and appeals, this process is at your process only, we want our customers to be successful and we know it’s the right thing to do. It’s a labor intensive process, that results in your success.

Insurance companies keep a score (in analytics) for each treatment center, to prevent you from a pre-payment audit we persure these claims vigorously to protect your facility from pre-payment audits and over payment requests (to the best of our ability, not a guarantee). We help protect the money you’ve made.

Reasons for pre-payment audit: Lack of repsonse to medical records. Claims not meeting medical necessity.

Analytics and Reporting

Customized reports regarding payer mix, trends, cash forecasting, reimbursements by code, reimbursement policies, we can go as deep into details and you would like. We have such a large database to pull from to cross reference from and forecast better than any automation could .

What do our services provide for you?

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Billing and Claims Processing Management
  • Comprehensive Claim Follow-Up 
  • Medical Record Submission and Follow-Up 
  • EDI Enrollment  System Training and Support
Our consultants will provide meaningful feedback to:
  • Maximize Collections
  • Optimize Cash Flow
  • Decrease Collection Cycle Time

Billing and Claims Processing Management

Our electronic claim submission system allows processing to begin within as little as 24 hours. Strategic consultative feedback keeps our service on the cutting edge of claim processing technology advancements, as well as updated insurance laws and regulations. Our processing management services include:

  • Electronic claim submissions
  • Claims denial templates for fast turnaround in the appeals process
  • UB04 & HCFA-1500 billing
  • Payment posting and customized reporting
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager

Comprehensive Claim Follow-Up

Our dedicated follow-up and customized service distinguishes Aspire HCS from the competition. Other medical billing services concentrate primarily on initial electronic claim filing because it is the easiest to collect. At Aspire, this is just the beginning. Our dedicated follow-up includes:

  • Follow-up on unpaid claims
  • Denial resolution and appeals
  • Insurance inquiries and medical records
  • Continuous Billing cycles for patients
  • Resolving past due claims
  • Managing collections
  • Patient Collection Letters
  • Patient statements and Optional Patient Portal

Verification of Benefits

Because insurance plans vary widely and insurance companies routinely modify their submission criteria, providers face the difficulty of navigating this complex web and recording the most accurate information with which to make admission decisions.

Aspire’s team of verification professionals is experienced in the verification process and strives to produce the most accurate verifications with a quick turnaround. This empowers the provider to make informed admission decisions and enables them to maximize their collections for services provided. 

  • Increases cash flow
  • Decreases collections cycle time
  • Reduces collections related costs

Utilization Review

Our Utilization Review department has extensive industry knowledge and experience in advocating for your patient to achieve a maximum length of stay. Aspire thoroughly and accurately provides this information, which results in a greater amount of authorized services and ultimately, higher revenue for the provider.  Outsourcing Utilization Review to Aspire Medical Billing eliminates your stress, allows you to focus on patient care and positive outcomes.

  • Maximizes the number of days authorized
  • Empowers the provider to maximize services billed
  • Improves patient satisfaction and well-being
  • Thorough understanding of admission and continued stay criteria

Client Success and Professional Services

  • Open and Transparent Communication 
      • A dedicated member of our team will be assigned to you and serve as your main point of contact so no question ever goes unanswered.
  • Relationship-Focused 
    • The relationship that we build, maintain, and nurture with each one of our clients is at the core of our business.
  • Advocacy
    • We advocate for you and for your business, to ensure that there are no gaps in performance.
  • Strategic Partnership
    • Two is better than one. We work as. team to ensure that we are optimizing the management of your revenue cycle.

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